Hi, i'm leo

A designer and Webflow developer with
a passion for startups

My passion for design and startups has lead to a creative career where I get to solve real business problems with design and no-code tools. Today, I am the Senior Graphic Designer at DoorLoop.

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Leo Working on a Webflow Project
Leo Testing out a mobile version of a webflow website
Leo doing a QA test session on a Website
my story

From development to marketing, I have been in it all.

I began as a web developer, coding websites designed by agencies. Quickly, I learned the need for design and how the right design can create a remarkable user experience for the end-users.

In the last 6 years, I have mastered developing websites on Webflow, where I am able to combine the power of my creative designs with the coding knowledge I have built over the years.

my tech-stack
always learning

The certificates and studies that shape my skills

Here are the latest certificates I have completed for design and Webflow development

Webflow Master Class

The Webflow master class prepares you to tackle webflow like no other course out there.

How to Webflow like a Boss

This certificate combines Webflow advance skills + creative website design.

Award Wining Animations

This certificates takes Webflow into an animation tool for amazing user experiences.

Motion Design for the Web

This certificates takes Webflow into an animation tool for amazing user experiences.

UX Design Process

UX Design Process by Google’s team.

Foundation of UX Design

UX Design Process by Google’s team.


This certificate teaches you to understand and write JS.

Front-end Engineer

This certificates teaches you everything there is to know about front-end development.

BSc. Computer Science

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from St. George’s University.

working together

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