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Figma & Webflow
Design Partner

Don't hire another designer. Instead, have a full fractional designer bring an entire design and no-code team to your company to help you scale faster.
combining design & strtategy together

Don't let clunky design hold back your SaaS

We deliver proven marketing websites & design sprints that help SaaS startups like yours achieve explosive growth. Get rid of design bottlenecks and focus on scaling your business.

Our engagement will help to:

Reduce cost of hiring full time designers and developers

Improve the way your marketing assets are created

We bring 10+ years of design experience to your team

Don't let clunky design hold back your SaaS

I deliver proven marketing websites & design sprints that help SaaS startups like yours achieve explosive growth. Get rid of design bottlenecks and focus on scaling your business.


I've worked with over 100 startups


Helped startups raised over $40M

10 years

of design experience

Experience the Difference

Jacob Olenick

Senior Product Designer

Leopoldo stands out from most web and UX designers. From when I first met Leo I knew that he takes his work seriously. He doesn't mind and actually enjoys putting in the extra effort and time to do research to make his clients are getting the best overall experience and website. He's a great person and an exceptional leader. If you are looking for a web designer to work on your next project, Leopoldo is the answer.

David Pitton

CMO & Co-Founder

All I can say is WOW. Leo is truly a one-of-a-kind person that will exceed your wildest expectations. Not only is he one of the most talented designers and web developers around, he's also one of the kindest and and most humble human beings you will ever meet. I can't recommend him enough, and can't wait to continue working with him for years to come.

Whitney Sales

Founder @ The Sales Method

Leo is an absolute joy to work with. His designs are polished and well thought out. He takes a step by step approach to working with you to ensure satisfaction along the way and is great with feedback. If you are looking for a designer I couldn't recommend him more.

Sam Grote

Founder @ Centerpiece HQ

Working with Leo was a fantastic experience. His websites are world-class and he did an outstanding job of guiding me through the design process. He was always quick to respond and worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth website transition. I strongly recommend Leo to any start-up founder that wants an enterprise-quality website without the stress.

Clayton DuQuene

Creative Director + Co-founder

Leo has been such a pleasure to work and collaborate with over the past 18 months. He’s always responsive, knowledgeable and comes prepared with solutions to questions and issues that may arise during projects. We couldn’t recommend Leo enough to anyone looking for a solid developer that has skills and eye for dynamic, modern, high quality work.

Alexis Clarfield-Henry

Head of Marketing @ Acceleprise VC

Working with Leo is an absolute pleasure. Not only is the work top quality, but everything he delivers he builds in a way that we can easily update and maintain on our end. On top of that, I really enjoy working with him as a person. We've already teed up a bunch of other projects with Leo!

Faye Almeshaan

Global Head of Operations @ Forum VC

I love working with Leo! He's excellent at what he does, but more importantly, he's straightforward with setting expectations. He'll let you know what he can do, and for the more complex asks, if he's not sure, he'll get back to you after doing thorough research. He's always going above and beyond by thinking through what would help you accomplish your goals in the best way possible!

Inga Bard

Creative advisor at MobileCoin

Leo is a delightful person to work with. He's very reliable, quick and excellent at communication.

Daniel Montgomory

Founder @ Ally

Leo is a blast to work with! He is knowledgeable and experienced in digital marketing and can surely grow your business. The customer service experience was stellar as communication lines were wide open throughout our project and they were always willing to handle any concerns I had.

Richard Purcell

VP of Sales at Ocurate

As a founder of an early-stage SaaS company, it's critical to find creative, intelligent people who can take an idea and run with it. That's Leo. He takes a small amount of direction and turns it into something visually stunning.

Katherine Olaksen

Founder of the Fasting Flamingo

Leo is the first website designer/developer that I worked with, who immediately got my vision and was able to bring it to life. He understood exactly the type of fonts, spacing, images, etc. that it required to create the whimsical luxury experience I wanted for customers and he was absolutely fantastic to work with. Not only is he extremely talented, unnaturally patient, and a great teacher – he gives fantastic book recommendations and workout tips.

Josh Coffy

Founder @ Flightmedia

Everyone who sees our website raves about it and it’s really set the standard for the quality of the services that we offer!On top of that, we saw a nice uptick in inbound leads as a result of our website better representing our brand and being GORGEOUS!

Figma Design Sprints in Action

Dive deeper into real-world examples of how we've helped SaaS startups manage Webflow projects, and achieve impressive results. Explore case studies across various industries and discover the positive impact design can have on your business.

DoorLoop Redesign

Website Design
Design System
Marketing Design
Webflow Website


Website Design
Sales Deck


Landing Page
Landing Page Optimization
Hubspot Landing Page

Darwinian Ventures

Design System
Marketing Design
Webflow Development
Deck Design

Wello inc.

Website Development
WordPress Development


Design System
Brand Design
Webflow Development
Deck Design
Website Design

A package available for all SaaS Sizes

Whether you have a small team, or have a full marketing team in place.
Here are the parts we can support you with.
Basic Plan
Perfect for startups needing a designer
2 requests at a time
24 hour turn around*
1 Project Manager
Slack Channel
1 Weekly Catch-up Call
Pause or cancel at anytime
WebFlow, Framer, WordPress, Shopify development
Pro Plan
Perfect for those who need a design team
Everything in Basic +
Technical JavaScript
Hubspot Integrations
UI and UX design
On-Page SEO
Starts @ $8,000
Perfect for agencies working on websites
Everything in Basic & Pro +
Client Meeting Availability
A/B testing
2 Senior Designer + Design Lead
HubSpot Development
Email Template Development
Monthly goals and not per request
Need a fully custom project?
Fill in this design brief to let us know your needs. Request Project
Join over 100 startups who know their marketing design is taken care of

Scaling is easy with Webflow & Figma

Whether you have a small team, or have a full marketing team in place.
Here are the parts we can support you with.
UI Design
Website Design
Landing Page Designs
Webflow SEO
Landing Pages Development
Webflow Optimization
Webflow Integrations
Custom Code
Webflow Analytics
Webflow A/B testing
Website Maintenance
Webflow training
Join over 100 startups who know their marketing design is taken care of

Creating the engagement you seek

Whether you have a small team, or have a full marketing team in place.
Here are the parts I can support you with.
UI Design
Website Design
Landing Page Designs
Pitch Decks
Tradeshow Designs
Design Systems
Ads Design
Brand Guidelines
Social Media Ads
White papers & Ebooks
Product Updates
Email Templates
Web Development
A/B testing
Join over 100 startups who know their marketing design is taken care of

Take the headache out of design & Web Development

In the last 10 years, we have worked with SaaS companies and in a combination of all the departments, sales, marketing, support and product. As a result, this has allowed us to understand the way SaaS companies work and the goals they are trying to achieve. We have created an entire system that allows us to take clients through a design journey that connects with their customers, while keeping it straight forward and with fast turn arounds.
Schedule a 30min call

SOPs ready

Hundreds of SOPs set, so we can implement processes and get started.

Fast turn arounds

Speed is important, with the processes we have created speed and quality is seamless

Your team + LP

We can integrate my processes and design skills with your team.
A Powerful No-code Tool

Experience you can trust

Hey There! I am Leopoldo Pirela, the creative director behind LP Design Studio.

I've been a designer and no-code expert working with SaaS for over 10 years, and now, together with my team, I am acting as a fractional designer to help my clients scale their startups.

This team try to stay away from the agency models that most startup fear. Instead, we integrate ourselves and me included in your team, to work as if were part of your team instead of a contractr.

Reach out to book a FREE 30 min call with me, we will go over your needs, and I will tell you more on how we can work together to help you achieve your startup's design goals.


Learn how to handover a website design project like a pro!

We show you a step-by-step approach to ensure your final website is ready for launch.


All your questions answered.

How much work will I receive every month?

It depends on what projects we are working on.
For example, a current client worked on:
- One animation of their product that explain the tech
- 3 Sales Decks Designs

While another worked on:
- A full webflow website
- 3 One-pagers
- Hubspot Integrations

We are an agency, can we work together?

Yes, we work with agencies to help them with their design processes and over all design and web development tasks. Most agencies we have worked with choose the Enterprise Package, so we can be in their clients meetings.

What is the onboarding process like?

1. We will jump on 30 minutes call so we can learn more about your design needs and tell you more on how this works.
2. Then, we will sign you up on a subscription package. You will have access to pause it at anytime.
3. We will invite you to slack and your trello board
4. Work starts
5. If you are part of the Pro or Enterprise Plan, we will invite you to the weekly meetings

Can you help us integrate tools?

Yes, we normally help to integrate multiple tools to the websites we've built.

Can you do SEO?

To include SEO on your web site, you will have to purchase the Pro Plan. Our team will give you monthly ideas to implement, and work together with your team to implement any ideas you have.

With SEO, it is important to remember that it is a long term goal.

If I pay for multiple months in advance, would I get a discount?

You bet, and you can decide to scale your packages as well.

Do you only do Webflow?

Webflow websites are our go to!
But we can help with WordPress, Shopify, Framer and Wix.

Why do your plans include weekly meetings?

Our goal is to fit in your team as a fractional designer and no-code developer. These meetings normally make both parties feel as part of the team.
They are optional!

What If I can't use a credit card?

Don't worry, we set up another way of payment for you.

Can you do Figma to Webflow?

Yes, normally we design everything in Figma first. But if you have your designs ready, we can do a Figma to Webflow project.

Who pays for Webflow hosting?

In most cases the client pays for Webflow hosting and for their own account. We will recommend that you take a look at Webflow prices, if you will be choosing Webflow for your website.

For the project, we will develop everything in our Webflow or Framer account and then transfer it over to your account for launch.