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Centerpiece HQ is an early stage SaaS startup that provides automation insights for food service dealers. We began to work with their Founder in the very early stages to help them create all the assets they needed for market validation. In the last 6 months, we have built together the brand assets, marketing website and investor’s deck.

Before they started working with us, they were in the process of putting their MVP together and bringing the ideas of what the brand should look like and what the content on the website should tell. When we first met with the Founder, Leo, our lead designer spent some time understanding what this SaaS startup does, and their differentiating element, the x-factor.

The challenge:

For this project we were working from the start, so during our first meeting, Leo and the CEO created a list of goals and tasks that needed to be tackled to help them move forward. The first aspect of the project was related to moving fast to the deadline as it is with most startups, this way they would be able to validate if the design assets were working as imagined. 
We were also in charge of creating their very first marketing website, where content would be shared and potential customers and investors would come to learn more about this startup.

Since this is their first website, most startups need a simple, yet appealing website that would help them achieve specific goals. So during the meetings, Leo and the CEO with whom we worked closely, created the structure of what the first website of a SaaS company should look like, and then they broke it down into what would be most important to validate as of that moment.

How we helped:

The brand:

We began with the brand and identity assets. One of the most important parts of branding for early stage startups is making sure that the branding takes more of a positioning structure than the branding of a regular business. So the name of the company and what it does, needs to be related to the logo and any shapes we might have used.

Leo and the team prepared 3 design directions for this part, all related to the Centerpiece idea and the industry it serves.

The website:

For the website, we decided that the best path would be to develop the website in Webflow to help us speed up the process without lowering the quality of the end product. We began to craft the structure of the website inside Adobe XD, where we were able to share the design files with the CEO for quick rounds of feedback. The design directions of the website were based on the branding ideas we have developed.  

For the website, one of the concepts we wanted to bring in were screens of the product they are creating. Leo began to create a simple User Interface of what these screens can look like based on the branding and the website design we had created. We were able to create high-fidelity mockups that stand out, but also with Webflow we were able to import them into the website without slowing it down at all.

The Investor’s Deck:

The investor’s deck came in afterwards, it is really important for early stage startups to align their go-to-market assets so it all looks connected. During the website design, we created a design system that was very easily integrated inside of a deck on Google Slides. 

For this deck, Leo had a session where he and CEO went through the deck together to ensure all the slides needed were there, but also for the CEO to explain the slides they had in mind. This way, we can get an understanding of how the person presenting the slides in the next pitch or investor’s meeting, will be using them. After 3 days, we had the first draft ready to share, and after a round of feed-back we were able to complete the entire deck.

The results:

After applying our design process, we were able to do the brand and website with a few design sprints and have everything ready in just 2 weeks. Our design process helped to create a smooth process from the start to finish, while ensuring the quality of the work was kept through the entire process. 

After 2 weeks, this early stage startup was able to validate their website and new brand. And after integrating 3rd party analytic tools, we were able to see how people were interacting with the website and the number of visitors after just a few days.

The deck was completed in just 5 days, and now it is ready to get them to start raising funds and looking for investors and potential clients.

We are continuing to work with the team on new decks and their website, to ensure it continues to adapt as their startup starts to grow.

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