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Founder Feed is a product created by Forum VC, they are a venture capital firm that works with early stage SaaS startups at their earliest stages. For this project, we met with the Head of Operations and the Ventures Associate to craft the scope of this UX and UI project.

Before they started working with us, they had built the base of the product. But now they were read to spend some more time enhancing the experience, and building it in a way that future founders will find it easy to use.

In the last year, we have worked with the team to design and develop new features for this project and continue to enhance where there is potential for growth.

The challenge:

For this project we worked with a platform that was already pre-built. Leo and the client’s team met to do quick design sprints, where they developed a list of features that needed enhancements and some that needed to be completed to create a full experience for the user.

The client’s team created a few long and short design and development sprints, where we joined in the entire process. 

Our project manager, Sera-Leigh, created a process that would allow Leo to jump into the design sprints, develop and finally deliver the project five  days before the delivery date, so it could be fully tested and reviewed by clients and users.

Our Process:

To build an actionable and quick MVP sometimes you don’t need to create the entire technology from scratch. You can create your core functions and purchase parts from other company’s API.

Restructuring the web app:

We began by creating a sitemap of the flow of the website, and removing everything that was not needed from the app. Sometimes, when we use third-parties to build an MVP or product, they come with features that are great to have, but do not impact the user’s experience.

So, everything that did not create an impact on the user’s experience was removed, and the entire experience was simplified to meet a few main goals.

Then we began to create the flow of new pages, and the way they will connect to the Database, and the information architecture that would follow. This then led us to creating low-fidelity wireframes of the web app.

The wireframes:

The low-fidelity wireframes were created to understand the flow of content without having any major distractions. This way we were able to see how the directories and new tabs would work and the way the content would be digested by the end-user.

We had a meeting with the team where we went through them with the client, and got their input in the flow of the app.

High-fidelity wireframes:

Once the flow and content structure was completed, we moved on to enhancing the User Interface of the product. Since the client was preparing themselves to go on a rebrand, we concentrated on the usability and adapted the colors to fit the current brand. 

By using tools like Adobe XD, we were able to test out the entire flow and usability of the product’s UI before the development began.

Developing the back-end:

The platform was built using WordPress as the main CMS to manage the entire web application. We were able to create a database to store everything and link it successfully to Wordpress, where we created Advance Custom Fields, and CMS entries to run all the new features they needed. Leo also built in custom features with JS and PhP to allow the users to further interact with the web app by doing searches and much more.

Enhancing the way Admins interact with the web app:

The different CMS collections we created had to be populated with a lot of content entries, and one of the goals of the project was to ensure that the admins’ experience of the back-end was also enhanced. 

For this, Leo and the dev. team created a few features that would allow them to currently bring in all the data they currently had using the no-code tools they were already using. This allowed the client’s team to populate content and add users in just a few minutes instead of hours.

Today, we are still working with the Forum’s team to continue to enhance the experience of the product as new goals arise for their team. After their rebrand, we adapted the product to fit the new brand identity and ensure the experience was kept consistent with everything else they have to offer.

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