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Micro Websites

The best way to get started with your startup's online presence. Microwebsites are within one to 2 pages, that will contain your startups information. They are your startup's very first website.

best for pre-seed / seed startups

Goals of a Micro-website

A micro-website is great if your startup is now starting to put everything together. And will most likely be the very first version of your website.

webflow designer service list
Between one to two pages
webflow designer service list
takes up to two weeks to complete
webflow designer service list
lowest budget website
webflow designer service list
very simple integrations

My process

The Micro-website process

This type of websites takes between 1 to 2 weeks to complete.

from figma to webflow
Content Map / Sitemap

During a strategy call, we will outline the content that will go inside of your microsite. This will help us craft the story and action we want the user to take.

Deck design services for SaaS startups
UI Design of Website

Once the structure of the content is set, I will be able to go ahead and start the design of your micro website. After 3 rounds of revisions, I will prep everything for development.

Webflow Development Services
Web Development

For Microsites, you can choose to use a platform like Webflow, or export the code to your own server. Both ways you will be able to take full control of the new website.

Microsite FAQs

Top FAQs

What if I don't have any content setup?

The content for a micro-site should be very simple and oriented by the goal you are trying to achieve. I'd recommend using the StoryBrand Framework or one of my Wireframes to build the content structure.

Can I turn my microsite into a large site?

You bet, it will require designing and developing the rest of the pages. From past experiences, the website after your micro-site, requires a full design and development process.

How much should I budget for this?

All projects are different and require different features. I will say for this type of website, you should budget between $1,500USD - $3,000USD.

What is the average turn around time?

Microsites are built within 1 or two weeks. It all depends on how quickly I can get feedback from you and your team, and how quickly you can provide resources such as content, branding, and imagery.

Where will my website be once it is completed?

Since most microsites are just one page, I will recommend to export it and host it in your own server. Later on, when you are ready to build your larger website, you can choose webflow, Netlify or other servers.

Can you help with SEO?

Every website I build is fully on-page SEO. For Seo though, you need to have a larger website with pages that are ranking and content that is searchable. Also, SEO is a long-term marketing approach, so it will be months before you see rankings.

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