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With our UX and UI designer, and no-code tools we are able to design your SaaS product MVP and validate your idea to ensure it works as expected.

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Our Process

The UX & UI Design Process

We start with a meeting outlining your deck and choosing the slides you need. Leo, will ask you to go over each slide on your deck, so he can fully understand what you are trying to bring across. From here, he will help you organize slides and get to the design.

If you need resources about Sales for Startups, or what content should go on which slide, you can review The Sales Method for more information.

Schedule a Call

In this call, Leo works with you to understand your different user personas and the flows that will take place when the user uses your SaaS product. We might do a few different design sprints throughout this stage.

Leo will begin to sketch and build a low something wireframe so that we can understand the way elements are displaying in the product and ensure the flow works as expected. Questions and reviews are part of the UX process, so before he moves on to the full design, there will be a session to ensure everything is ready.

Now that the low fidelity wireframe is ready, Leo will begin to design the user interface of your SaaS Product. At the end, you will have a fully design MVP that we can test using tools like Figma and Adobe XD.

Once the product design is ready, you will have access to the Figma or Adobe XD file, you will also have a design system built for your product and a link that you can share with the developers to build the design.


Frequently UX & UI Asked Questions

Who would I work with?

For UX and UI Design projects you will be working with Leo as our lead UX Designer, and Sera-Leigh for research and survey building.

What if I need survey to learn more about our clients?

Sera-Leigh can help you organize the research questions and the way your survey will be built. She does this at the PhD level and will be using tools to ensure this goes with ease.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your MVP and UX projects depends on the scope of your product. On average you should budget between $5k to $15K for your MVP design. This of course includes UX and UI design.

How long does it take?

We want you to validate your idea with the most important features that will maximize your products. On Average. For the UX part of the project we have seen an average of 40 - 60 hrs, this includes design sprints and research, and then another 60 - 80hrs for UI Design.

How much time and money should I budget for a full MVP (Design and Development)?

For your SaaS product MVP we recommend to budget a minimum of 3 months to give you enough room to bring the idea to life, but also go to market as fast as possible. For the budget you will need, it will depend on how complex your product is. But we recommend to have a cap budget that goes up to $30,000USD to $40,000USD.

Can you develop the design?

Most of our projects only include the UX and UI design, we are going to bring a full-stack developer to work on developing the design using the right framework for your product in 2021.