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Our Process

Designing a Winning Deck

We start with a meeting outlining your deck and choosing the slides you need. Leo will ask you to go over each slide on your deck, so he can fully understand what you are trying to bring across. From here, he will help you organize slides and get to the design.

If you need resources about Sales for Startups, or what content should go on which slide, you can review The Sales Method for more information.

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After our first meeting, Leo and the team starts designing. We will need any material related to your brand so the deck can be a consistent representation of your brand. If you are not at this stage yet, let us know, we can help.

After 3 days, we get back to you with our first draft. We will work together to ensure everything in the design is aligned with your pitch. We normally do 2 rounds of reviews, and your new deck will be fully editable on your end.

Once we are finished with the reviews, will create a shared folder for you and the team on Google Drive, and also share any design assets we have used, so you can keep building!

As you pitch to investors, and potential clients, your deck will need some improvements. You can always come back to us to enhance the design or flow.


Straight Forward Pricing

The prices below are per deck.

Basic Deck

5 - 15 Slides without extra design assets (Dashboards etc)

Get Started

$600/per deck

What's included:

  • A fully designed Sales, Pitch or Investor's deck

  • All Designed Assets

Advanced Deck

15 - 25 Slides and the need of UI design to bring your product to live.

Get Started

$Starts @800/Deck

What's included:

  • A fully designed Sales, Pitch or Investor's Deck

  • All Design Assets

  • Great for those startups looking to design more visual components

Need help with the other design asset?

Schedule a call with Leo to find out more about the design work you might need.

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Frequently Deck Design Asked Questions

Who would I be working with?

For deck designs you will be working with Leo, who has worked with over 50+ startups in helping them achieve their pitch and sales goals.

I don't have branding ready, but my startup is not ready for a rebrand.

That is okay, Leo can use your current assets and enhance them to fit the design of the new deck and if you don't have any at all, we can create temporary brand assets.

Can we edit the deck after the design is completed?

Once the deck is handed over you will be able to edit your deck using Google slides, if your startup is using custom fonts of any kind that are not Google's own, we will build it on Keynote or Canva.

What if my graphic design or product needs some work?

I have worked with a lot of clients who needed this for their pitch decks. If you need to create design mockups of what your product can look like, let me know. Not every deck will require that, most require a visual over view on how your product works.

I need a demo on my deck can you help?

We can create a short video of how your product works. We recommend that your product demo is no longer than 60s, so you can move on with your pitch.

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