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about Leo

Building on websites on Webflow for the last 5 years

Your website should not be limited by the technology out there, or by not being able to hire back-end developers to complete simple tasks or updates. This is why I love Webflow, you will be able to have a website that matches 100% your design, and be able to grow it as you see need.


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JavaScript Dev. Certified

5 years

Building on Webflow

10+ Years

As a Website Designer
Why Webflow

Don't compromise
your website

Websites are not just static documents or brochures any more. They are sales tools that need to be evolving and interacting with your clients without any headaches. With Webflow, you can finally have Aesthetic, performance and features. All in on platform.

Webflow Profile

From Figma / XD to Webflow

If you can design it on Figma or Adobe XD, it can be built in Webflow without sacrificing performance.

Custom JS functionality

With custom JS, I can help you unlock functionalities and features that can help you get the most out of Webflow

Custom CMS for easy management

A well designed CMS system will make it easy for you or your team to add more content, but also enable great website architecture.

Webflow SEO is one-of-kind

Being able to take fully control of your website, will allow you to do advance SEO without the need of expensive plugins.

my process

Webflow Development Process

I've crafted this Webflow development process with 5 years of experience.


I will start with a discovery session going over your Adobe XD or Figma design files. We will discuss design, functionality and interactions.

Proposal / SOW

After our call, I will send you a SOW that works as a proposal with everything discussed, timeline and budget.

Start Development

I develop using Client-first to ensure the website is easy to edit later on, but also to enhance the development speed.

First round of review

Once I have reach about 80% of the project completion, we will do a round of review to ensure everything is looking as expected

On-Page SEO & QA

Once the development is ready, I will apply on-page SEO and run your website through my QA check to ensure it is ready to go!

Website Training & Handover

Once the website is ready, I will meet with you and your team to go over how to use the website. and push it live

How much does a Webflow website cost?

Here is a ballpark of what it will cost you per page to convert your design into a Webflow website.
Most projects will be a mix of these packages.

Per Page

Basic Website

For those seeking a basic website design and development.
Design Complexity - Low
Animation Complexity - Low
Basic On-page SEO Setup
No JS Features or Integrations
Basic Interactions
CMS - Basic
Get Started
Per Page

Advanced Website

For more advanced websites with more functionalities
Design Complexity: Medium to High
Animation Complexity -Medium to High
Advance On-page SEO Setup
JS Features or Integrations
Interactions - Medium to High
CMS - Medium to High
Get Started
Per Page

Pro Website

For very Advance projects and websites with advance features
Design Complexity:  High
Animation Complexity - High
Advance On-page SEO Setup
Custom JS Features or Integrations
Interactions - High
CMS - High
CMS - Filtering options High
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The process in action

Venture Capital Website Design Services

Website Redesign for a Growth Driven SaaS Agency

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b2b startup website

Website and Brand Redesign for Fridgio

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Webflow Development FAQs

Top FAQs

How do I share with you the design?

You can share your Adobe XD, Sketch or Figma file with us using our email address. If you are using Figma, you can invite us to the file, just make sure to give us editing rights so we can export the content.

What is the average turn around time?

Most websites get fully developed within 2 to 4 weeks depending on the scope of the project of course. If you need to have the website developed in less time, let us know. Just note there can be a rush-fee added to your cost.

Where will my website be once it is completed?

If your design requires a CMS, it can only be hosted inside of Webflow. Once we are completed with the development, we will go ahead and transfer it to your account and set up your domain. If it doesn't require a CMS and you want it in your own hosting account, we can export the codes and share them with you. Note that this won't allow to export any CMS items or collections.

What if my design needs work?

We are a team of UX and UI designers who know how to code, so if you need help improving your design we can add this to our scope of the project.

What happens after my website is live?

Most of our websites can be edited by the client. However, there are a few elements we will build custom for you, but we will teach you how to work with it. We also provide support in case you need extra hands.

working together

Do you have a project in mind?

Get started by booking a 30-min meeting with me. Once you click the button, it will prompt you to a form where I will ask you a few questions to help me understand your needs better before our call.