Seems to me like you are ready to get started

I am here to help you get started, get online and create a system that will allow you to grow your business to the one you have always envisioned.

Leopoldo Pirela

Pitches and sales call are old school

In a 15 to 30 minute call, I will:

Learn about your business

I have a couple questions to help me get familiar with your business

Find out if I am a good fit for you

Different businesses need different help, let's find out if I am a good fit for you

Find out what you need help with

We will discuss and come up with a list of what you need my help with the most

Tell you about my process

I will tell you about my process, and how it can work for your needs

Discuss budget range

We will discuss a budget range for the project before we get started

Schedule our next steps

Once I am sure I can help you, we can schedule the next steps to take

Don’t just take my word for it.

The resort has been able to increase direct bookings and generated up to 15,000 monthly website visitors.

“Working with Leo and his team have been great we are a very dynamic marketing team and he helped us create an amazing website and has helped us with our web ranking and social media strategy. Excellent all round we are setting up for phase 2 of the marketing and he is highly involved with this also.”
Mark Solomon
473 Grenada Boutique Resort

Ask Mark about his experience of working with me. Click here to send him an email.

This call will be perfect if you are looking to...

Not just get another proposal for a solution you do not need
Get an expert's advice on the best way to move forward
Get a website and sales funnel built with a proven process in mind

Before you book a call, here are a few FAQs

Can I submit a request for proposal?

You can, but I will prefer if you didn't. I will prefer if we spend at least 30 minutes talking about your project, business and idea, so I can make sure we are in the same mind-frame.

I just need to know the cost, can you give a ballpark number?

You do not need to schedule a meeting or call for this. On my services page, I have listed the prices that my services start at. Keep in mind, I do negotiate with my clients depending on their needs and scope.

what if, You are not available on the date I can meet?

I am currently only taking meetings a few times per week. But if you are not available at these dates, send me an email and I will schedule a call at another time with you

Can we do a full-indept session instead?

You bet! my hourly sessions start at $95USD per hour. I will recommend to do 1 hour to 2 hours max at time to give us time to digest what we have discussed.

Can you provide support even after the project is completed?

I have specific number of hours per month that I am available to support. I will tell you more about it, but the packages look like this - 20hrs, 40hrs, 60hrs

Can I pay online?

All payments can be done online. However, if the transaction is quite large, I will recommend doing a wire transfer. I will provide you with all the information you need for this.

Why do I have to pay for 1 hour call?

I value your time, and the time I will be on the call with you, I will not be giving it to any other client. So, to be able to provide to you my full support and share my thoughts, I'd have to charge the hourly fee. Keep in mind the 15 - 30 first call, is on me.

What if i have to miss the meeting or if i am late?

We are all humans, and sometimes other things can come up. If you can let me know a day in advance will be helpful or at least 1hr in advance. In meeting days, I have scheduled other calls, so after 15 minutes, I won't be able to take your call.

What if you can't help me?

I wish I could help everyone, but that is why in the first call, I have to make sure I am a good fit for you. If I am not, I will put in touch with one of my partners who might be able to help you better than i can.

I am not in this industry, but i can use some help

I like challenges, as a matter of fact, Drive, has been implemented in the hospitality industry, retail, real estate, and much more, always giving my clients similar results. Schedule a call with me, let's talk about your vision.

Book your session

Below are the times and dates I am available for our call. If you need to book a full 1hr session send me an email at [email protected] and I will schedule a call at the next time available.