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Redesigning a SaaS website with their current assets.

Ocurate works with brands to help them predict their customers' value. When Leo first met with the CEO, they mentioned they were in need of creating a new deck for investors and were looking to start designing the user interface for their product. In the last 3 months, Leo and the team have been working with Ocurate as part of the team in building the decks needed, websites and other graphic design elements needed by the company. Before working with us, they had already created their brand and elements that would be placed around the deck and on social media, Leo’s job in this case was to enhance what was already created and use it to build the assets that we needed.

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Live website:
Project scope:
Figma Design, Content Structure, Webflow Development
15 Days
SaaS website design project

The Challenge

For this engagement, we broke down the project into 3 phases so that each aspect got the necessary attention it would need.

First, we began to work on the UI for the dashboard, where Leo and Sera-Leigh met consistently with the lead data-science officers and CEO to understand the type of data that would need to be displayed, and the best way to interpret this information, so it would be digestible by the end-user.

Secondly, we had to work on the new Investor and Sales deck and prepare these assets for the CEO to start going out there to raise funds for this startup.

Thirdly, we worked on the redesign of the website. For this we decided to use Webflow as it would give us more creative freedom, while giving us the ability to concentrate on the growth of the site, and not on ensuring elements are working or not.
Since they already had many of the branding assets needed, Leo worked towards simplifying it and making it usable throughout all mediums.

Webflow website design services for saas startups

The Process

The User interface of the product: Ocurate is one of the only startups that can provide data analytics at a PhD level, so to be able to close the bridge between this and the User Interface Leo had to design, Sera played an important role in translating what certain data concepts were into a visual layout for the UI.

We started by breaking down the UX of the product with user flows to understand what happens from point A to point Z while the user is interacting with the product. This also helped us understand the way the end-user would filter through the data and the different options they would need to see in order to customize this data for their needs.
Using Adobe XD we were able to create a high-fidelity prototype of the dashboard, which allowed the team to interact with the design the same way they would, if the application was fully built.

This allowed the UI design revisions to be very goal oriented and specific to solving and simplifying the user experience of the product.
The Deck:The investors and the sales deck are two very important assets to have for all early stage startups. For this project, they were already working with The Sales Method’s founder to help them create the narrative and the sales story.
So our job was to design the presentation in a way that is not overwhelming for the investors or potential clients and to arrange the slides in the best way for the story to flow.
We started working in the Investor’s deck and created a template that would ensure the slides are kept consistent for other decks they would need in the future. This also helped to speed up the process of the Sales deck.

A major part of our design work here was related to creating graphic designs of data and processes that take place when the end-user is using the UI we designed, as well as, for the case studies provided.The Website:For the website Leo mainly worked with the head of Business Development to create a structure of the content and bring in the unique style of their brand. The previous website was built using Squarespace, and had some challenges when it came to editing content or even creating new content.

To overcome this issue, Leo suggested building the website using Webflow as the CMS and other elements of Webflow would help to make this process seamless.
The sitemap and website were designed using Adobe XD and shared for revisions just as the UI was tested. Once the team had agreed on the design, the flow of the content, and pages, Leo began to develop the CMS and pages inside of Webflow.
Once the website went live, Leo did a training on how to use Webflow with the team.

Webflow website design services for saas startups

The Results

I was able to create their new User Interface in just 14 days. This, of course, will continue to be modified and enhanced as we learn more about the users and the way the client wants to display the data.

We were able to create a deck template that can easily be enhanced and edited by the team.  Now, they are able to duplicate decks and edit content accordingly to their needs.
For the website, we went live in just 7 days. And case studies and other pieces of content have been added to the Webflow’s CMS in just a few minutes.

Leo currently works with the team on helping with their design needs, so whenever there needs to be design work they can easily communicate with him via Slack or emails.

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