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A SaaS growth agency website redesign

I had the opportunity to work closely with the Darwinian Ventures team to redesign, develop and launch their website. For this project I worked through strategy, design and developed the full website using Webflow. The idea was to redesign a website that fits more with their customers and with what they do as growth agency for startups.

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Live website:
Project scope:
Figma Design, Content Structure, Webflow Development
90  Days
SaaS website design project

The Challenge

The client already had a website built in WordPress that they were using to generate leads and share with potential founders who would benefit from working with them. However, the website was difficult to update, and the design and aesthetics of it did not align with what the company does.

The idea was to redesign the website to make it look and feel more like a Venture Capital, and show case the results that they have been able to achieve for some of the best startups in LA. It was my job to help them create a clear structure to follow on their website that would tell a better story and engage with the right user. As well as, to enhance the look for a more modern / trust worthy company.

Webflow website design services for saas startups

The Process

Our first plan of attack was to study other studios in the space.  We performed a competitive analysis on the top studios and found a few common threads we could leverage on the buildout.  We decided to build two seperate website entities:  Firelight Films - focused on producing documentary films and Firelight Media - cultivates future filmmakers and showcases their work.The first phase I did with the client was a full brand strategy session so I could further understand who they are, what they do and most importantly, who they serve. From here I went on to understand what the competitors were doing right and wrong, and what sort of websites the end-user will enjoy experiencing the most.

From here, I worked with the team in crafting a better story using a modified version of the Story Brand Frame work. Once there was a clear story, I went on to create low-fidelity wireframes where together, we were able to see the flow of the story on the different pages. Then, I began moodboarding using Figma, and creating stylescapes that will lead the design direction from this point.Once the website was ready, I moved on to simplify the structure of the website, as one of their goals was to ensure the website is easy to edit and grow. Since the website was going to be built in Webflow, I created the CMS structure while I was doing the sitemap structure of the website. Using Webflow, I was able to bring this to life.Overall, I did:A redesign of their logo and brand identity7 page websiteComplete CMS structureImplementation of JS and interactions

Webflow website design services for saas startups

The Results

After 90 days, the website was ready to be opened to the public. By building the website on Webflow, I was able to ensure there was enough time spend on the design and story of the website, and then be able to recreate it using Webflow where the team can now easily update and do any changes needed.
The company now has a new brand style that better identifies them. The brand guidelines are set within the website, and available to use on their pitch decks and other marketing material The team is now able to update and add content with ease using Webflow, without the need of code. Throughout the entire project I was able to collaborate with different team members and the Managing Partner and the CEO. We used Slack and Figma throughout this project to ensure communication was seamless, making the entire experience joyful. The website adapts and is ready to grow as the company grows.

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