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When a startup finds a great product-market-fit, it needs to be able to convey its narrative with the way it will benefit the end-users. I was hired by Fridgio to help them with their new brand design, redesigning and developing their current website, as well as, getting the pitch decks ready with the new brand.

In this engagement, I worked with one of the sharpest founders I have met to brain storm ideas, and concepts that would eventually shape the brand and the narrative that the website will tell.

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Live website:
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Figma Design, Content Structure, Webflow Development
30 Days
SaaS website design project

The Challenge

For this engagement, I had to find a creative way to redesign their current logo in a way that it tells more about the company than it previously did. Also, there had to be a way to craft a story framework that tells the benefits of the products to both end-users.

The design work needed to keep important assets from the previous design, as those assets, such as colors, fonts, were recognized by previous clients and investors. My work was to strengthen and create new assets will empower what they previously had.

Webflow website design services for saas startups

The Process

I began my research and created a set of mood boards that were used to brainstorm ideas. From here I was able to generate 3 different logo design directions, from where the team chose one to focus on.

Once the logo direction was clear, I began to work on the wireframes of the website and using the Story Brand Framework to craft the content for the website. I used Adobe XD to design the low fidelity wireframes, where we looked at the content's flow.

Once the story was completed, I worked towards designing the full website. This SaaS website had a total of 7 pages, where different types of users were targeted. This meant that the products-benefits were crafted separately to fit the user's need.

Once the website design was completed, and login and registration pages UI was approved, I moved into Webflow to build the entire website. The built on Webflow took about 5 days, and then the code was exported and handed over to the Chief Technical Officer, who integrated it into their private servers.

Webflow website design services for saas startups

The Results

This entire project took about 30 business days to complete. The entire website was easily integrated within their servers, and the login screens were incorporated for the end-user to use directly on their website.

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